Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dust in the Wind

Given my abusive past, naturally you can understand why I don't take friendship lightly. Like the rest of you, I have friends who are closer to me than others, but losing a friend I rarely speak to is just as painful to me as losing one whom I talk to on a regular basis. Never once did I say I was a perfect human being. I have my flaws just like all life on God's Earth. But it seems like keeping friends these days is damn near as difficult as keeping gas in your tank - it doesn't last long and you're constantly having to refill your supply.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

All Roads Lead Away From Opelika

As you all may or may not be aware, I am currently going through the Ford ASSET program, training to be a Ford Service Technician. As part of the program, we each return home for two months at a time to work at our local Ford dealership, in order to gain hands on, on the job experience, and since everyone's favorite Ford dealer here in Columbus wouldn't hire me because they didn't want to pay me, I made the trip to Opelika and got on with the local Ford dealership's service department. I've now been working there since this past November, and I'm fairly confident in saying that I've become a regular sight in the shop.


For the most part, I LOVE my job. I learn something new every day, my boss is very lenient and understanding, I'm good friends with some of the technicians from both our Ford and Chrysler stores, I'm paid well for what I do, and most importantly, I get to do what I love to do for a living. But of course, if life at the Chattahoochee Valley's newest Ford dealership was all peaches and cream 100% of the time, I probably wouldn't be writing about it here, now would I? So do your best Army drill sergeant impression, knock $7,000 off those F-150s and RAM 1500s, and give your credit some amnesty, because Dirty's BACK and dirtier than ever.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Zack & Chuck's Elimination Chamber 2014 Predictions

Last month I tried an experiment with the Royal Rumble article, and went to battle with a fellow member of the 24/7 Wrestling Fanatics, Trish Wood. This being the first PPV battle without my uncle Mr. Smash involved, it was a huge success. After defeating my opponent 3-1-1, it was time for the next batter to step up to the plate. Many wanted the spot, but it was Zack Murphy who earned the right to battle the unified IWC Pay-Per-View and Chuck.0 Pay-Per-View Champion (two titles which I totally did not just make up) at this Sunday's Elimination Chamber PPV. Then, we ran into a slight problem: we agreed on EVERY SINGLE MATCH. So, since I'm not going to make him change his picks to make it seem like I'm sabotaging him, and I'm not going to change mine because that would be plain stupid, I'm just going to chalk this one up as a good example of WWE making their PPVs ENTIRELY too predictable. So, here are our picks, and our thoughts on each match: